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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Have You Shaved Your Sweater Lately?

There is no better time than on cold winter days to break out your favorite comfy sweater.  I don't always remember to wash mine inside out and almost always forget to keep them out of the dryer, which leaves fuzz balls all over them.  I have a few sweaters that were filled with fuzz balls and I would only wear them to bed. I couldn't get rid of them but I didn't want to wear them out of the house looking the way they did until...

I started shaving them!  Who knew a simple razor could make my sweaters look brand new again!

During Shaving

After Shaving

 Look at all the fuzz I shaved off of ONE sweater!

All you need is a razor!

Make sure you don't press too hard while wouldn't want to put a hole in your favorite sweater.

It took me about 30 min to do the whole thing.  Now I don't have to keep this one in my pajama drawer!


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