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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts Your Valentine Will Always Remember!

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
If you want some great ideas for Valentine's Day, then read on and you'll know just what to do!

Valentine's Day is a fun day to show that special someone just how much you love them!  I love my kids bunches, but this day is really for my hubby! I think my boys seeing their parents in love on Valentine's Day is much more special then a box of chocolates.  I help them make cards for their classes and then get busy planning out something special for my main squeeze!

You don't need a lot of money to show your love.  In fact..... its just the opposite! Here are some cheap and fun ways to say I LOVE YOU!

- One year I covered the inside of my husband's car in post-it notes before work with reasons why I love him written all over them!  It looked awesome and my husband had a huge smile on his face when he was reading them all.

- How about a romantic dinner served by your kids!  Let them set the table, pour the wine, serve the dinner and light the candles.  When they are done, they can head into another room to watch a movie and have a special kids only meal that you prepared ahead of time.

- One year my husband surprised me (after the kids went to sleep) with a room full of rose pedals, candles, wine, my favorite music and a fantastic back massage.  He didn't have to spend very much money, but it's something I will remember forever.

 - If you want to have a kid free Valentine's Day evening, but don't want to pay for a sitter, talk with a friend about kid swapping. You don't have to go out on the actual day.  It will be far less crowded if you wait a day or two before or after Feb. 14th.

- Sometimes hard working husbands or wives just need some quiet time to themselves!  Show him or her you love them by surprising them with their favorite meal, putting on their favorite movie and taking the loud, rambunctious, sweet kids out of the house.  Nothing says I LOVE YOU like quiet time after a hard days work.

- How about bath time?! Buy their favorite magazine (or a new book they have been wanting to read), put on some soft music, light some candles, and add there favorite snacks.  Take them to the bathroom, hand them a sweet love letter and shut the door!  Make sure to include a note that says, "Take all the time you want."

- Sign up for a Love the One You're With 5K.  All the money usually goes to charity and you can finish off the race with a sweet love letter, letting the one you're with know why you love them so.

- Do something you haven't done in awhile!  Like ice skating, bowling, miniature golfing, dancing or go-carts.  Follow up with an ice cream date and you'll feel like kids again when you get home. Make sure to leave the kids at home doing something fun for this date.  Remember the reason the kids are here and that the kids will be moving out one day. Don't let the flame die.

- For book lovers, meet them at a bookstore with a gift card, some flowers, a love letter and some time.  Take the kids home and let your lover peruse the whole bookstore.  You could pick out your favorite "Adults Only" book beforehand and at the bottom of the letter remind that special someone to pick it up for later.

- Do you and your Valentine like to do puzzles?  Get a new puzzle, pour some wine, make a fire, and turn on some romantic music.  Talk, laugh and enjoy each others company.  If you want to add a little spark to puzzle night, how about adding a few rules!  After 1 person gets 10 pieces then the other person has to take off 1 piece of clothing.  You will be racing to find the most matches! :)

- If your Valentine gets home after you, how about putting on your heels, lacy undies and your apron and start cooking. No pants or shirt are needed for this meal!  When he gets home, tell him he can't touch you until AFTER dinner.  By the time dinner and dessert are done he will be dying to enjoy his Valentine's gift.

- Nothing says I love you like a yummy box of chocolates! Instead of just buying a box at the store and then handing it to your Valentine, why not jazz it up a little first.  On the front you can write.... "You are sweeter than chocolate because"........... and then wrap each chocolate with a strip of paper with a reason why your sweetie is so darn sweet.  It doesn't cost you any more money, but the smile on your Valentine's face will make all the extra time you spent well worth it.

- Lets face it girls, guys are very visual creatures.  They won't notice if you've put on a few pounds or got your hair done, but they will notice a new bra and panties!  Pour yourself a drink before he gets home and get ready to give him a Valentine's gift he will always remember..... A STRIP TEASE!  They have a great book called The Housewife's Guide to the Practical Striptease that will show you exactly what to do.  If you are still too embarrassed, then just blindfold him!  Have arrows pointing him where he needs to go. Using his favorite candy bars for the arrows is fun and then you will have something to eat as an after show snack.  At the end of the arrows have a chair, a blindfold and a note telling him to put it on.  You could put a drink next to the chair for him to chug down before putting on the blindfold.  Start the music and start dancing.  He won't be able to see you but he will feel you every time you brush up against him.  You only have one husband....... enjoy him and let him enjoy beautiful, sexy you! :) 

- Does your Valentine like wine?  How about a wine tasting at home!  Buy a few new bottles of wine, some cheese, grapes,and crackers.  Set it all up on a blanket next to a cozy fire...... it will be the BEST wine tasting you have ever been to!

I hope these ideas help you plan a beautiful, love filled Valentine's Day!  Show that someone special just how much they mean to you.  If you are single at the moment, then plan something special for yourself! 
We all deserve to be pampered. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox 
P.S......The new Die Hard movie is coming out ON Valentines Day!!  I think ANY guy would LOVE a surprise movie date.  If you don't want to see it then ask ones of his friends if he wants to go. 


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