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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cause Bracelet to Keychain

I'm pretty sure everyone has a rubber bracelet similar to this one above. I know that they are giving out at sporting events, parades, your dentist etc., but do you have a bracelet that supports something or someone that you truly believe in? Breast cancer awareness or in memory of someone lost? Well, I do and this one is very meaningful to me and represent a Person that lived life to the absolute fullest. His name was Lucas Gruenther and he passed away this last year during a training mission. This bracelet reminds me to live life like him, LIVE LIKE LUC-LLL. So, I got a few of these bracelets and wanted to have them different places for me to see as a reminder of a great person lost and to live my life, LIVE MY LIFE!!

So what I did was turn my cause bracelet into a key chain. It only took a minute and I love it.

All you need is :
     -your favorite CAUSE bracelet
     -a hole punch
     -a key ring
     -a brad
How to do it:
Flatten your bracelet and chose a spot in between the beginning and ending of the saying or phrase.

Punch a hole through both sides at the same time so they line up.

Insert your brad through both sides and fold. I kept the backing on that came with brad to keep it flat.

Thread your key ring through, and that's it!

Add your keys and have your cause bracelet as a daily reminder of whats important to you or what you are supporting.

Written By Brandi


It is very beautiful you make this Wristband more beautiful by their innovation. Awareness bracelet is the best way to promote a cause.

This is the best way to use the bracelet as a keychain. It is a very creative thing how I can reuse my favorite bracelet. Thanks for sharing!

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