Cause Bracelet Keychain

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cause Bracelet to Keychain

I'm pretty sure everyone has a rubber bracelet similar to this one above. I know that they are giving out at sporting events, parades, your dentist etc., but do you have a bracelet that supports something or someone that you truly believe in? Breast cancer awareness or in memory of someone lost? Well, I do and this one is very meaningful to me and represent a Person that lived life to the absolute fullest. His name was Lucas Gruenther and he passed away this last year during a training mission. This bracelet reminds me to live life like him, LIVE LIKE LUC-LLL. So, I got a few of these bracelets and wanted to have them different places for me to see as a reminder of a great person lost and to live my life, LIVE MY LIFE!!

So what I did was turn my cause bracelet into a key chain. It only took a minute and I love it.

All you need is :
     -your favorite CAUSE bracelet
     -a hole punch
     -a key ring
     -a brad
How to do it:
Flatten your bracelet and chose a spot in between the beginning and ending of the saying or phrase.

Punch a hole through both sides at the same time so they line up.

Insert your brad through both sides and fold. I kept the backing on that came with brad to keep it flat.

Thread your key ring through, and that's it!

Add your keys and have your cause bracelet as a daily reminder of whats important to you or what you are supporting.

Written By Brandi


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