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Friday, December 14, 2012

Jute Wrapped Letter

I really love my roll of Jute I got from Joanns for under $3! I have been using it for so many projects and have yet to run out!  When I was revamping my entry way up I decided to add an old wooden letter I had gotten from Walmart for 97 cents and painted black. These letters can be cute on the wall, but way cuter if wrapped in JUTE! So that's what I did. I wrapped it with jute using my trusty glue gun and hung it using fabric that I had cut and hemmed my curtains so it matches.

What you need:
  • wooden letter                
  • jute
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • ribbon, fabric or other choice of way to hang

How to:

Start of by gluing end of a long strand of Jute to back of wooden letter

Start wrapping around, gluing as you go. You may need to cut and fill in sections that don't wrap smoothly, depends on your letter
 Just keep wrapping and gluing, "just keep wrapping, just keep wrapping, wrapping, wrapping" ;O

When you are done, add your ribbon, fabric or choice of hanger using your glue gun. That's it!!


I will post the rest of the items in the picture in a future post, so keep your eye out ;)

written by Brandi


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