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Friday, December 21, 2012

Bubble Burlap Wreath

I love burlap and decorating with it. It can be tricky to cut, but in this wreath tutorial it doesn't matter! Wahoo! Its super easy and turns out really cute. Since burlap is so durable, this wreath can be hung in or out doors. The ribbon or embellishments can be changed seasonally or to match for each holiday.

What You Need:
  • 10" foam wreath
  • 1 1/4- 1 1/2 yards of burlap (or fabric of choice)    
  • pins with large heads
  • scissors
  • ribbon or way to hang

What to do:
  1. Cut burlap into 4x4 inch squares by first cutting it into strips.
Doesn't have to be perfect, but pretty close to same size.

     2. Fold squares into half to make a triangle

 Fold left corner and bring to meet front and line up corners
    Bring right corner to the back, lining up all corners and making a bubble.

Pin through all four corners using one pin.

  3.Pin the "bubble" to the foam wreath

Keep making and adding bubbles one at a time leaving no gaps. You don't want to see any pins or foam. It helps to pin at an angle.

Bring it all the way to the edge and fill in any spots that show green

  4. To attached ribbon, just loop around and tie up top. ~I made a bow and used glue gun to add

Just fold ribbon in thirds and wrap a piece of burlap around center and use glue gun to secure

Attach using glue gun

That's it!!! Hang it wherever you please. I hung mine with the DIY Banner  I made for the holidays.

Written By Brandi


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