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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Name Sign

I love monograms and signs made out of  last names to represent a family and its unity in the house. I decided to try to make my own instead of buying one and I think it turned out pretty nifty.

I was able to get all the letters off a photo share site called Flicker for free. I printed them up onto regular printer paper and just so happened to have a 5 spaced frame I got from Ikea. But if you don't have an exact spaced frame to fit you name then all you have to do it select the size of your letters to be printed to fit side by side onto your frame.

You can keep it simple or spice it up.

*I decided to spice it up, bc Im that type of gal*
 Cut each letter out, arrange them onto mat of frame and tape or glue them down. Use your glue gun and jute or thick twine to border each letter. Start on bottom right corner and wrap around without cutting until reach starting corner.

If want,  line the outside border of mat with your twine too.

I then made fabric and twine flowers made the same way as in the revamp picture frame and vase to put in corner.
Glue edge and wrap around self and glue at same time. (this one isn't glued-don't want space)

Glue flowers onto frame and if want sand paper edge of frame to to make it look more distressed. Then hang on the wall, That's it!

You can do this for any name, any size! Makes a great gift. Be cute to have the "mat" be burlap or instead of jute use small individual frames inside the big frame. Or get small colored mats for each letter or use scrapbooking paper. The flicker site has tons of letters to make each sign your own!
**If want to know how to make Easy Burlap Wreath or Jute wrapped letter, click on links ;)

Written by Brandi


Thanks Jill! I love my sign! Its great bc can be used for any name, anywhere!

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