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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Personalized Stockings & Tree Skirts

Here is a cheap and easy way to personalize your stockings or tree skirt for Christmas!

I bought a stocking for our new puppy Posey and the first thing my boys said when I hung it up was, "It needs her name!"  They were already upset that I bought one instead of making her one to match ours, so I knew I had to at least make her name match.  While I was making it, I thought of all the sweet people who read our blog and decided to take pictures.  It really is a great way to jazz up your stockings or tree skirt.  You could use any color embroider thread and any font you like.  It is very cheap and I did Posey's in less then 2 hours.  That's with taking pictures! 

All you need is:

-  a needle
-  embroidery thread
-  pen - I used a marvy 1122 pen
-  safety pin

1.  Use a word processor on your computer (such as Microsoft Word) and find the font you want to use.  Select the font size you want and print it out.  No Printer?  Just write it on a piece of paper.

Cut it out to fit on your project

2.  Put your paper on top of a piece of cardboard.  Use your safety pin to make a hole about every 1/4 to 1/2 inch on each letter.

3.  Put a piece of cardboard under where the name will go.

4.  Pin the paper to the fabric.

5.  Use a pen to fill in all the holes.

Your project will look like this when you are done.

If you look closely, you can see the name Posey in dots

Now it is time to get out your needle and embroidery thread!  Use a chain stitch using the dots you drew in as a guide.

6.  Poke the needle from under the fabric up through the first hole.

7.  Poke the needle right next to the same hole.

8.  Pull the needle under the fabric and leave a loop:

9.  Poke the needle up from under the fabric into the next hole.  Go through the loop and pull the thread:

10.  Poke the needle in the loop next to the same hole.

Keep going all the way around until you have done the entire name. 

My boys were very excited when they saw Posey's stocking hanging up with her name on it. 

Here are the names I did on our stockings in black.  It took awhile to do all the names, but I know we will have them forever... so it was worth it!

I also made tree skirts for Brandi and I, using the chain stitch to write our initials.


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