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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easy Burlap Wreath

I wanted to make a change to my entry way and started going to work. I made several things that I will post, but first I thought I would share the easy Burlap wreath I made. I love me some burlap!! It can be used as a seasonally wreath to match each holiday by changing the ribbon or a permanent decoration. I chose to do this one as a permanent decoration, but plan on making another one for my front door that I can change up (just bigger).


What You Need:
  • 14" foam wreath
  • 1 yard burlap (will have left over)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • ribbon for hanging

How to:
  1. Cut burlap into 2" wide by 17" long strips.
If you have burlap fabric then you don't have to worry about the edges coming apart and its easy to cut. But if you got regular burlap like I use then there's a trick on how to cut a straight line avoiding edges coming apart.
               Trick on cutting burlap:

Pick one strand from end and pull it all the way through

You will make a line that you will follow w/ your scissors

You then measure and pull your strands and cut all strips at once

Cut edges on a slant

2. Now all you do is tie each strip in a knot around the foam wreath, one at a time, overlapping so no foam shows.


3. Attach ribbon by tying or I glued edge to go over my curtain rod. I also made fabric and jute twist flowers to match my decor to put on it. Short tutorial on how to on DIY Picture Frame from past post.

How to do the rest of these items including the Name Frame in future post. Look for them soon!

Written by Brandi


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