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Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY Picture Frame

I don't know about you put I have about 100 black picture frames laying around. I used to always buy black bc I knew that they would always match and it didn't matter the wood shape or quality. I came across a picture that I wanted to put in my daughters room, but didn't have a cute enough frame to match her decor. So I busted out the jute that I used for the DYI Banner, some sand paper and a glue gun and went to work on a boring black frame.

This is what I came up with and think its super cute and fits right in with the rest of her room.

-Black frame (size of your choice)
-sand paper
-glue gun
-jute or thick twine

  1. Take your sand paper and sand the edges, corners and any portion that is raised on your frame. Just rough it up a lil to look worn.

   2. Using your glue gun, start at bottom right corner and glue each side while placing jute over glue. (Don't cut-use one entire strand). Cut when you get back to where you started.

     3. To make "round flowers", start with dab of glue on end and start rolling like a cinnamon roll gluing edge as roll (only need lil bit of glue, don't get crazy bc it will get messy). PS-watch your fingers! Its HOT!

**this isnt glued, dont want any gaps**

     4. Glue your "flowers" on left upper corner or desired spot and wallah, your done! A cute frame!

written By Brandi


Super cute, and looks easy too! Thinking to do with my girls youth group and their moms! Thanks.

Great idea! Everyone just needs to bring in an old frame and their own glue gun! You provide the JUTE and sandpaper. Cheap and turns out really cute. One roll of JUTE would be plenty for a large group. Let us know how they turn out ;)

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