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Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Canopy Curtains

DIY Canopy Curtains

If you have a sewing machine sitting in the closet collecting dust, then it's time to TAKE IT OUT!! I am by no means a professional seamstress and I have never taken a class on the
RIGHT way to use a sewing machine, but I LOVE to sew!  

My mother-in-law (who is an amazing seamstress) gave me her mother's old Toyota sewing machine over 10 years ago and I have been busy making stuff ever since. 

After moving into our new home a few months ago, I knew right away that the kitchen needed some curtains. I decided to make a canopy curtain using 2 tension rods and a couple yards of fabric. I made this curtain in one night with very little sewing skills and I think it turned out beautifully.  I love walking into my kitchen now and seeing all the colors!



Here's what you will need to make your curtain:

2 Cheap Tension Rods that will fit in between your cabinets

1 or 2 Yards of Fabric depending on the size of window.  I bought 2 yards to make another curtain on the 2nd kitchen window and I have plenty left over.

1 or 2 Yards of Fabric for the lining and ruffle.  I just used white.


Measuring Tape

Iron and Ironing Board




1.  If you want to be able to wash your curtains, the first thing you will want to do is
wash and dry all your fabric.

2.  Iron your fabric.

3.  Measure the distance between your cabinets to determine how long you want the curtain to be.  I put up two curtain rods and then used clothespins to hold the fabric on so I could measure.  Make sure to add 1/2'' extra for the seam.

4.  Cut out your main fabric.

5.  Put main fabric on top of the lining fabric and pin.  Cut out your lining the exact same size as main fabric.

6.  Iron a 1/2" seam on one of the long sides of the liner and the main fabric

7.  Pin the lining and main fabric together with the WRONG side of the fabric facing up.

8.  Sew the long side that was not ironed (#6) and both short sides together. Leave the long side with the ironed seams open for turning and for the ruffle on the bottom.

9.  Trim the 2 corners that are sewn together. 

10.  Turn the fabric right side out and iron.

11.  Fold and iron the top of your fabric (long side that has been sewn) to make enough room for the first curtain rod.  I used about 1 1/2" inches mine.

12.  Put on rod and test on window.

13.  Measure where you want to put second rod.  I drew a line across the lining on the back where I wanted the second rod to go.

14.  Cut out a piece of the lining the same size as the long part of the curtain and as wide as you need for your rod to fit thru.  Make sure you add 1" on the long side for your seam and 1/2" extra on each short side.

15.  Fold and iron 1/2" seam on each short side and sew.

16.  Fold and iron 1/2" on each long side of the lining.

16.  Pin to the back of the curtain where your second rod will go with the seams facing down

17.  Sew both sides

I forgot to add a seam to the ends (#15). That is why the end doesn't look as nice :)
Also make sure the rod will fit before sewing.  Mine was a little too small.  Luckily the end of the curtain rod comes off so I could fit it in. 

18.  Make sure it fits on the window.

19.  Cut out the fabric for the ruffle using the lining.  My ruffle was 4" wide so that when folded in half, it would be 2" long.  I had to sew two pieces together to make it long enough.

20.  Sew the pieces you cut out together and then fold the fabric in half and press.  I used a piece that was 3 yards long but I ended up with extra.

21.  I then used a ruler to measure how far apart I wanted the ruffle.  I put the fabric over the ruler, slid the ruler out, then iron and pin.  Make it as long as the bottom, where the fabric is open.

22.  Sew the ruffle together at the open end.

23.  Pin the ruffle at the bottom between the curtain and the lining.

24.  Sew

25.  Put your rods on and hang it up.  Enjoy your new canopy curtain!!!


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