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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Thankful Tree

 -Our Thankful Tree 2012-

video by Heather
Thankful for You

Heather has created a way for her family to express what they are thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving.  Its a great way to come together as a family and share insight at the dinner table on a nightly basis.

Supplies for Thankful Tree
(use recycled materials)
        -large brown paper grocery bags
        -fall colored paper for leaves
        -bowl or basket to hold leaves

A common dinner onThanksgiving consists of a turkey, cranberry sauce, family and football. Everyone gathers around the big bird and shares what they are thankful for may it be for new births or health throughout the family.  Last year my family started a new tradition.

Why not tell each person why you are thankful for them?!
My sister in law and I create a paper for each family member that we passed around and everyone wrote on it what they are thankful for that person. At dinner we sat and we read them outloud to one another. Its a way of expressing why we are thankful for each person and make each person feel special. The kids really enjoy hearing the nice things that the family has said about them , there were lots of laughs, smiles :) , and a few members had even got tiery eyed.

Some were funny, some were heart felt, and those that couldn't write, drew a picture. Here are some that were written by my turkey eating ,silly and loving family:

"you are the cutest little sister to have around and your so wild"
                                                                                          "he is a great cousin"
      "he is a great an example to his brothers"
                                                                     "a great father, husband and friend"
                  "he invited me here"
                                                                                     "makes a mean bird"
"she is a good wrestler"

Its a fun way to come together as a family and to let eachother know that we appreciate one another .

Supplies for Thankful For You Papers:

        -a piece of cardstock or sturdy piece of paper
        -printed on top: I am thankful for Insert name because.......

*Now just pass out papers as guest arrive and everyone writes something on each persons paper. Dont be shy and express to your family why you are thankful for each other.
You could even laminate them as a nice keepsake or put in a book and have a nice collecion of the families thankfulness over the years or perhaps a placemat for the following year?! Be fun to see how the kids change and express themselves as they get older.
Trust me, your family members will really enjoy hearing what everyone wrote about them! Happy Thanksgiving!


**Heres tree at the end of the month**


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