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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spot Cleaner


Do you Have a pet that has accidents on your carpet or rugs ? :( Or a Stain you just cant get up?Hopefully not, but if you do, I found a natural, make it yourself, Cheap, SPOT CLEANER!            
Don't let these lil faces fool you! They are pee accidents just waiting to happen!  ;)

Posey the Puppy

Penny the old lady

 Heather has Posey, a new puppy that is being trained, but has an occasion accident. I have an old, once trained Penny that is having issues holding her bladder :(  BOO! SAD, but BOO! So I thought I would give the spot cleaner a try. I did, and it work awesomely! If that's even  a word?  Here's what you need:

1-An empty spray bottle (dark if have one bc light destroys peroxide)
2-full bottle of hydrogen peroxide,
3-2tbs baking soda
4-a funnel for convenience
(***can use the h.p bottle it came in by making room for bs and screwing on a spray top.***)

Use funnel to add baking soda to spray bottle, add full bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  Shake and spray onto your stain, pat dry.  BAM, stain gone, your welcome! ;)

Few facts about Hydrogen peroxide and why it works so well:
1-worlds safest all natural effective sanitizer
2-kills microorganisms by oxidizing them.
3-when reacts with organic material (like urine)it breaks down into oxygen and water.

 Baking soda is slightly alkaline and it neutralizes the acidic pee, which makes it a perfect partner to  hydrogen peroxide to treat stains esp. urine.

This is actually an old icky pee stain that wouldn't come up until NOW! whoop whoop! Its pretty much just like making your own "oxyclean", but for way cheaper!!  I tried it on a jelly stain too and it worked like a charm. Give it a try and let us know what tough stain you got out using the SPOT CLEANER!!

written by Brandi


Baking soda is really very useful product for Carpet Cleaning, it provides spotless cleaning.

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